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Kagan Eugene Probabilistic Search for Tracking Targets. Theory and Modern Applications

Presents a probabilistic and information-theoretic framework for a search for static or moving targets in discrete time and space. Probabilistic Search for Tracking Targets uses an information-theoretic scheme to present a unified approach for known search methods to allow the development of new algorithms of search. The book addresses search methods under different constraints and assumptions, such as search uncertainty under incomplete information, probabilistic search scheme, observation errors, group testing, search games, distribution of search efforts, single and multiple targets and search agents, as well as online or offline search schemes. The proposed approach is associated with path planning techniques, optimal search algorithms, Markov decision models, decision trees, stochastic local search, artificial intelligence and heuristic information-seeking methods. Furthermore, this book presents novel methods of search for static and moving targets along with practical algorithms of partitioning and search and screening. Probabilistic Search for Tracking Targets includes complete material for undergraduate and graduate courses in modern applications of probabilistic search, decision-making and group testing, and provides several directions for further research in the search theory. The authors: Provide a generalized information-theoretic approach to the problem of real-time search for both static and moving targets over a discrete space. Present a theoretical framework, which covers known information-theoretic algorithms of search, and forms a basis for development and analysis of different algorithms of search over probabilistic space. Use numerous examples of group testing, search and path planning algorithms to illustrate direct implementation in the form of running routines. Consider a relation of the suggested approach with known search theories and methods such as search and screening theory, search games, Markov decision process models of search, data mining methods, coding theory and decision trees. Discuss relevant search applications, such as quality-control search for nonconforming units in a batch or a military search for a hidden target. Provide an accompanying website featuring the algorithms discussed throughout the book, along with practical implementations procedures.

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Thierry Benoist Mathematical Programming Solver Based on Local Search

This book covers local search for combinatorial optimization and its extension to mixed-variable optimization. Although not yet understood from the theoretical point of view, local search is the paradigm of choice for tackling large-scale real-life optimization problems. Today’s end-users demand interactivity with decision support systems. For optimization software, this means obtaining good-quality solutions quickly. Fast iterative improvement methods, like local search, are suited to satisfying such needs. Here the authors show local search in a new light, in particular presenting a new kind of mathematical programming solver, namely LocalSolver, based on neighborhood search. First, an iconoclast methodology is presented to design and engineer local search algorithms. The authors’ concern regarding industrializing local search approaches is of particular interest for practitioners. This methodology is applied to solve two industrial problems with high economic stakes. Software based on local search induces extra costs in development and maintenance in comparison with the direct use of mixed-integer linear programming solvers. The authors then move on to present the LocalSolver project whose goal is to offer the power of local search through a model-and-run solver for large-scale 0-1 nonlinear programming. They conclude by presenting their ongoing and future work on LocalSolver toward a full mathematical programming solver based on local search.

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Back Cover For Samsung A6 A8 Plus 2018 TPU Phone Black Tony Chopper Case Galaxy A3 A5 2017 2016 A7

Tony Banks - The Fugitive

Набор бит King Tony 1032CQ

Набор ключей King Tony 4126PR

Bruce Clay Search Engine Optimization All-in-One For Dummies

The most comprehensive coverage of search engine optimization In Search Engine Optimization All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition, Bruce Clay—whose search engine consultancy predates Google—shares everything you need to know about SEO. In minibooks that cover the entire topic, you'll discover how search engines work, how to apply effective keyword strategies, ways to use SEO to position yourself competitively, the latest on international SEO practices, and more. If SEO makes your head spin, this no-nonsense guide makes it easier. You'll get the lowdown on how to use search engine optimization to improve the quality and volume of traffic on your website via search engine results. Cutting through technical jargon, it gets you up to speed quickly on how to use SEO to get your website in the top of the rankings, target different kinds of searches, and win more industry-specific vertical search engine results! Includes new and updated material, featuring the latest on Bing!, Google instant search, image search, and much more Covers SEO and optimizing servers for SEO Provides important information on SEO web design Shows you how to use SEO to stay «above the fold» If you're a website owner, developer, marketer, or SEO consultant, Search Engine Optimization All-in-One For Dummies, Third Edition is the only resource you need to beat the competition.

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Tony Williams - Foreign Intrigue (180 Gr)

Tony Joe White - Continued

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Tony Banks - A Curious Feeling

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